Analysis & Marketing


The programming market is very competitive. Getting a good product to a catalog is fundamental and helps sell it. The CMRC intends to invest in analysis and marketing to obtain a first line catalog. We believe there are many producers with a good production just waiting for an opportunity to show their work. We receive the productions, analyse them and check its sales potential. If the content is accepted for distribution, marketing work will be done later to support the sale and distribution. 

Representation & Networking


CMRC International will be present in renowned international programming markets, such as NATPE (Miami), MIPTV (France), LA Screenings (Los Angeles), MIPCOM (France) and Asia TV (Singapore). These markets are an important contact network for providing information and resources of different members (television networks, producers, independent producers, people interested in the area) and create marketing and sales opportunities for professionals in broadcasting, distribution and production of television programs and cinema. These markets are very important for those who are selling programs as they can be shown to the participants in the event. For those who are buying programs, they offer creative television production from all over the world. With CMRC International your content can also be present in markets to share your production worldwide.

Sales & Distribution


Selling a television show is not like selling a piece of clothing. It is essentially a business contact to get the right products to the catalog. A good product sells better than those of poor quality. The aim is having good productions for intensive sale. CMRC International is committed to making equal sales effort for all its products in the catalog. This means a worldwide presentation to be sent to all producers, television channels and other groups interested in this program segments. For this, CMRC International has a database of more than 5,000 contacts, accumulated over the years in which the director of CMRC participated in international programming markets. Any proposal or intent of interest will be shared with the contents holder.

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